Approved Supplements List

Consumption of hay, haylage, balage, silage, forage products, cereal crop residue without grain and roughage while on pasture is not restricted under the PCAS Standards.

The following list of approved supplements is not an exclusive list of products that are PCAS eligible but lists the supplements that have been approved for use under the PCAS Standards to date. The list may be reviewed and updated, and before using unlisted supplements producers must get approval from PCAS Administration.

Roughage and Forage Products

  • Cottonseed hulls or cottonseed hull pellets or cubes
  • Peanuts hulls or peanut hull pellets or cubes
  • Soybean hulls or soybean pellets or cubes
  • Sugar cane tops
  • Lucerne cubes and pellets
  • Forage cubes
  • Grass cubes or pellets
  • Hay from any forage without grain
  • Silage from any forage without grain


  • Canola seed, canola meal or canola meal pellets or cubes
  • Coconut meal, copra meal or coconut  meal pellet or cubes
  • Cotton seed whole, cottonseed meal or cottonseed pellets or cubes
  • Flax seed, flax seed meal or flax seed pellets or cubes
  • Linseed meal or linseed meal pellets or cubes
  • Malt sprouts
  • Oat hulls or oat hull pellets
  • Peanut meal or peanut meal pellets or cubes
  • Peanut hay
  • Rice hulls or rice hull pellets
  • Soybean meal or soybean meal pellets or cubes
  • Soybean extruded or extruded soybean pellets or cubes
  • Sunflower seed, sunflower meal or sunflower meal pellets or cubes
  • Urea
  • Molasses
  • Palm Kernel Extract

Lick Blocks

Lick blocks or other means of supplementation may be used provided that the ingredients do not contain items on the banned feedstuffs list or, in the case of +HGP-free and +Antibiotic free, do not contain HGPs and/ or antibiotics.

To ensure that producers do not feed any banned items they should comprehensively consult the ingredients list of products and also clearly explain the requirements of PCAS to their feed stockists.

If you have any further questions regarding PCAS eligible supplements please contact PCAS Administration

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