MinPro Maximise, the latest addition to Aus Organic Feeds Lifecycle Range, is designed to maximise performance of both breeders and their offspring by supplying key macro and micro minerals that support your animals through early growth stages to breeding age and throughout pregnancy.

Developed in conjunction with well renowned animal nutritionist Dr John Doyle of Integrated Animal Production, MinPro Maximise is formulated to prevent subclinical mineral deficiencies that often go unnoticed, or only show up in low calving or lambing rates.

Subclinical deficiencies arise when there are discrepancies between available nutrients in grass and the animal’s requirement. This is particularly important for breeders as macro and trace mineral nutrition influences fertility, immunity, foetal development and genetic expression.

John Doyle’s field trial data has shown that supplementing with key minerals decreases days to conception, improves cow’s body condition and increases calf weaning weight.

Animals do not need to consume large quantities of minerals to gain benefits, thus low cost per head means MinPro Maximise is the best supplement strategy is to ensure adequate nutrition all year round.

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