PCAS Certification Process

The process to PCAS Certification requires a number of steps to be fulfilled and annual on-farm audit are needed to remain certified.

To become Certified Pasturefed and be eligible to use the suite of certification marks (the PCAS logo), you must:

  1. Register your PIC(s) on the PCAS website and pay the annual administration fee.
  2.  Complete a pre-audit application form and submit it to AUS-MEAT who will than contact you with a quote and set a date for the audit.
  3. Prepare for the on-farm audit through ensuring that appropriate records are available. The PCAS Website has useful Guides and Templates to help you prepare.
  4. Conducted the on-farm audit and action any areas the auditor identifies as requiring improvements.
  5. You will then gain full PCAS Certification! Your Certification Body will issue you with a PCAS Certificate, valid for a year, and you will be given full access to the website, allowing you to download the PCAS Vendor Declaration and the PCAS Logos.
  6. To ensure your certification remains valid you will be required to conduct annual on-farm audits and pay an administration fee.

Standards, Rules & Declarations