PCAS Standards

The PCAS Standards are the set of requirements that producers must meet in order to become Certified Pasturefed.

The PCAS Standards include three modules, one core module comprising four elements, and two optional modules. The core module governs the on-farm feed requirements and traceability of cattle, as well as animal handling practices which influence eating quality. The two optional modules support claims relating to freedom from HGPs and antibiotics.

The elements of the PCAS Standards are:

Element 1: Identification and Lifetime Traceability

Element 2: No Confinement for the Purpose of Intensive Feeding for Production

Element 3: Lifetime Pasturefed

Element 4: Minimum Eating Quality Standards (on-farm)

Element 5: Lifetime free from Hormonal Growth Promotants (optional)

Element 6: Lifetime free from Antibiotics (optional)

Producers can become Certified Pasturefed through completeing a series of Steps.

Standards, Rules & Declarations