Raised in a Manner Consistent with the PCAS Standards

The following explains the applicability of the PCAS Standards to eligible Vendor Bred catte.

Lifetime Traceable (LT) Status

  •  Cattle were born on the supplier’s property and any PIC movement has been recorded.

Never been fed cereal grain or separated grain products or by-products

Never been confined for the purposes of intensive feeding for production

  • Cattle can be confided for husbandry and management activities, such as weighing, drafting, marking, weaning and treatment, but the time in confinement must not exceed 20 days per calendar year.
  • Time spent in confinement for transportation purposes, including transport and consolidating for sale, must not exceed 7 days for each journey

Have never been treated with HGPs

  • The cattle have never been treated with HGPs.

Have never been treated with antibiotics

  • The cattle have never been treated with antibiotics.
    • Feedstuffs containing antibiotics, such as monensin, are banned.
  • The use of anthelmintics for the treatment of parasites is acceptable.
  • The use of topical antibiotics, external treatment, is allowed.
  • The use of vaccines is allowed in any form.

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